Alex Aydelott
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Silver Publication Award - 2017 Graphis New Talent Annual


Team: Kenn Morgan, Amanda Culver, Ashley Plauche

Role: Concept development, Photography, Copywriting

Our campaign highlights how often the residents of Flint, Michigan make contact with their water supply along with a view of the contaminated pipes that lie beneath the surface. We focused on children in our imagery, as children make up the majority of those who are affected by lead poisoning. Including facts about the harmful effects of lead poisoning further emphasizes the severity of the issue and it's effects on the citizens and our environment.

The NRDC strives to protect the planet, it's people, and the natural systems on which life depends. Our task was to raise awareness of the Flint water crisis and drive the public's attention to the issue and encourage readers to learn more and donate by visiting their website.