Alex Aydelott




Joinery Handcrafted Furniture prides themselves on creating masterful works in a variety of modern and traditional designs. They produce high-quality wooden furniture, offer workshops for woodworking, and are closely tied to the design scene in downtown Portland. Their current branding doesn't reflect the company's dedication to craft, detail and the longevity of their pieces of furniture. With a strong social following, the Joinery needs a visual language that better relates to their
consumer base.


This rebrand will focus on enhancing the stores image and showcase their long standing business in a way that represents their sophisticated nature. Using the brand's strengths to guide the visual direction, the rebrand aims to appeal to the target audience and gain further brand recognition within the community. 



The logo mark was inspired by stacked boards of wood and the shape of a joiner woodworking machine while maintaining the shape of the letterform. Speaking to the company's history and elegant work, the logo needed to embody their mission and values. Paired with a carefully crafted typeface, Sectura, the new mark better reflects Joinery's value of precisely made furniture.







The Joinery is passionate about their brand's story and showcasing the dedication and passion they put into their work. However, their current website neither reflects the brand's elegant style, nor does it serve as a platform that engages consumers in their mission and technical process. 

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Original contextual photography was taken and implemented into the branding to focus on the craft behind the furniture. Thank you to Gary Weeks & Co. for allowing me to photograph their space.