Alex Aydelott

Amala Foundation


Done in collaboration with Megan Lane, Andrew Bailes, and Mahsa Arfa



The Amala Foundation's Insight Youth Summit targets a diverse group of teenagers (ages 14-18) and invites them to a unique environment intended to foster understanding and open communication between people from different backgrounds. At targeted daily workshops focused on topics such as race, religion, politics and gender, teens will be encouraged to candidly address issues within their lives in a safe and open space. From this personal exchange will come perspective and tolerance that the teens can carry into their daily lives.


Currently the Amala Foundation's Youth Summit has a big mission with not enough recognition within the community. Lack of an identity to define the event and an unorganized website and social stream hinders the Youth Summit from reaching it's full potential. 




Positioning the brand's visual language and communication efforts to target teenage youth will help gain more attendence to the summit. 



We chose to give the Amala Foundation logo an update to better match with our overall branding. The Insight logo embodies a youthful hand rendered feel to relate to the teenagers attending the event. 



Since 2001, the Amala Foundation has offered over 6,000 youth a unique blend of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and cross-cultural connection aimed at providing the next generation of leaders with a model of inclusion, compassion, commitment and service to their communities.


Perviously named Global Youth Peace Summit, the renamed Insight Youth Summit unites 80+ youth (ages 14-18) from 25+ countries for a week-long experience dedicated to personal growth, cultural exchange, leadership development and community building. 

The Summit is truly a community-driven experience, which is supported by 100+ volunteers, dozens of local businesses, and over 15 partner organizations.
— Amala Foundation



To successfully reach our teenage audience, a bright and cheerful color palette was chosen, along with hand-rendered illustrations referencing universal symbols of community, nature, and communication in a journalistic and loose child-like style.



The current website lacks visual elements that would appeal to teenage youth, parents and potential volunteers visiting the page.  To fit with the theme, we included graphic elements that better fit with Amala's mission for the Youth Summit while taking the previous content heavy website and creating a better flow of information users can digest. 



The Insight Summit allows teenagers time to develop new ways of thinking about societal issues and to view things from a new perspective. A journal will be given to the campers to serve as a place to house their thoughts during the duration of the workshops. Included within the journal are speaker bios, itinerary/poster that can be detached for hanging, and pages for drawing or notes. 




All young people are unique and different in their own way. Creating a dynamic poster series to promote the event speaks to empowerment of the youth attending.

amala-postercloseup copy.jpg


The mobile app for this workshop is called Unite. The application is utilized by the Insight attendees as a way to stay connected, find volunteer events, and local businesses fund scholarship drawings for those that achieve their hourly volunteer goal of the month. Once the user reaches a certain amount of time spent volunteering, they will be entered into a drawing for a funded scholarship award.  Awards will incentivize the users to continue using the app and volunteer service will aid in college applications.