Alex Aydelott

Ballet Austin


Done in collaboration with: Megan Lane and Brandi Figerova



With a rich history spanning five decades, Ballet Austin is the 11th largest classical ballet company in the country. Ballet Austin offers a wide variety of services, from performances to fitness classes to their prestigious dance academy. Currently, Ballet Austin's existing branding does not accurately represent the active and progressive nature of the space. 


With respect to the foundation of classical ballet, Ballet Austin combines that classicism with an untamed and innovative approach to dance. Our goal for the campiagn is to raise awareness of Ballet Austin’s rich talent and revitalize the role of performance art in the world of fine art and fitness.   



The new logo mark creates a clean and modern representation of Ballet Austin. The logo is organic and fluid, implying movement, and the heavy weight of the letterforms allows for the mark to be used as a graphic element within the company's branding. 



Ballet Austin's current website lacks a distinct style and the current organization of information is difficult to navigate. Our goal is to inject the Ballet Austin brand into into web presence and create a more contemporary feel that speaks to their artistic nature. 

Current Branding



The Be Moved tagline encapsulates both the emotional and physical movement involved in performance dance. The campaign focuses on public engagement through street, transit, and ambient advertising throughout the Austin area. Our audience will be encouraged to explore the website where they can learn about Ballet Austin’s wide variety of performances and classes. Our aim is to enliven the role of performance art in the public sphere through powerful
visual advertisements.

Check out the photoshoot



Further application of the Be Moved campaign include regular dance performances and fitness classes held in various outdoor areas around Austin.  The emphasis on movement takes a different interpretation when the community is encouraged to participate in these events through various social media platforms.  

IPhone -Instagram_BA-CONTEXTUAL.jpg


Instagram's photography and video based platform allows for Ballet Austin to showcase photos of their preformances, classes, promote events, and feature dancer's accomplishments. Utilizing the logo as a graphic element and incorporating the color palette into their posts will help Ballet Austin gain more brand recognition. 



Facebook serves as an important platform for Ballet Austin, users can RSVP to upcoming events, leave reviews of their experience, and engage with the brand. Facebook allows the Ballet to keep tabs on successful post content and the customer reviews help by providing ample feedback for improvements.





Video advertisements were used to promote the Communication Design Exit Review event featuring process work from this project. Special thanks to Vanessa Cale for producing this footage.


Original photography of ballet dancers taken by Rian Allen and myself