Alex Aydelott



Voted Best Design at Texas State Smart Cities Hackathon 2017

Team: Megan Lane, Kaeli Warde, Jason Flinn and Katie Sweany



As one of the fastest growing cities in America, with an average of 156 people arriving per day, the demand for housing in Austin has grown faster than the city knows how to manage. As a result of this growth, many neighborhoods in Austin have found their residents displaced and unable to afford housing alternatives. With low income housing organizations existing currently as separate entities, each with their own specific exceptions and qualifications, the process of finding affordable housing can be a frustrating and time consuming endeavor. To make matters worse, those who qualify for low income placement are afforded an array of resources that they often have no idea even exist due to lack of access. 


Right now, there is no single resource avaliable to locate affordable low-income housing for residents based on their individual needs. The Address website will serve as a resource that compiles data from low-income and government housing resources and directs them to areas and properties best suited for their needs. With Address, the user is only presented with resources and housing options they are qualified for, saving time and eliminating what can be an exhausting and futile process.



Because we exist to both address pressing issues faced by low-income communities, and aim to find them homes, the double meaning of our name seemed a natural fit.



Address compiles data and resources from the Affordable Housing Inventory (AHI). The AHI compiles inventory of income-restricted affordable housing that is funded or incentivized by the City of Austin/the Austin Housing Finance Corporation. Other private organizations will also be accessed to provide the widest range of assistance to our citizens, including data from both public and private transportation services.



With the low-income user in mind, the Address website serves as the main portal to view listing options because not everyone may have access to a smartphone with the capability to download applications. Users are prompted to complete the questionnaire and are matched with regions/listings that fit their financial and geographic needs. The travel cost calculator tool is featured to allow for estimated monthly travel costs from potential living areas to your everyday place of commute.